Master Key Experience Week 2:

I can feel that something is different, I am more happy and laughs a lot more. I belive that all things I do, read, write on my DMP and this blog. All the time I am focused in this process my old blueprint will be changed.

I belive that I am on my way to be who I am.



Master Key experience, Week 1. 2019.. Today I begin a new life

Is it really possible to change?

Right now, I feel stuck. I think a lot about all the choices, conscious and unconscious, that I have made throughout my life. Choices that make me where I am now. I want to give myself a chance, find my unique me and live my life with meaning and joy.

week 4

Hm, something has gone wrong, I will now write about week 5 and see that I have not written anything in week 4. What happened?

Regardless. this week’s webinar and  the movie was just unbelievable. So here is the link to the movie

This week went my granddaughter went  through a kidney operation on Monday, From  Wednesday, I stayed at the hospital with her. I am so grateful that she wants to have Grandma with her and we have a very close relationship. So this week my focus has been to be present for Tiril, she is so incredibly brave and beautiful. The operation went well and she is now in full activity again

week 3

This week was first a downer, I enjoyed myself working with my DMP and read it aloud with great enthusiasm. After the webinar, I was frustrated, we should set goals on the basis of SMART goals  and write about what we have to sacrifice. Or what we must give up in order to get ahead. The first part of setting goals from SMART I’ve done that many times before and I thought, would not this be different? Figuring out what I sacrifice is really easy and whilst it was a big challenge because I do not want to write anything negative in my DMP.

Monday I thought a lot, how to write about my DMP with SMART goals, and how to write what habits I need to change in order to reach the finish. I decided not to let my frustration stop me. I did all the tasks, and sit still to clear my head of thoughts is incredibly nice to me, I find back to myself. It remains a challenge to not think about anything while there is a great exercise,
I wrote my DMP over again and got into a good result, it came back with a few things I want to correct.
My movie trailer is incredibly nice and I love to read it, the whole movie is coming up and I am full of expectations

Week 2 – PPN’s

Friday in week 2 of this incredible journey. I feel a bubbling joy, days are light and bright.

Have you ever experienced that this is exactly right for me now, ore experienced that you have read a book ore seen a movie and it is confirmation  of something that you know, that this is true?

That is my experience, and I am so thankful that I do not have words to explain that feeling.

For several years now I have participated in many different events, online courses, reading books. I have worked with goal setting, made dream board and so on. Still I am in the same place ( almost). And in some areas in my life it its even worse than five years ago.

Now I think that MMKMA is my solution, This is so different from the others thing I have done , I think.

I have tried to change some of my habits many times. I have manage for some weeks and even months. And after a wile I am back in my old habits. I have had lots of god reasons to just carry on , and I also know that old pattern are more comfy. It is more claret to me now, that this is my subby who don’t like changes, it is safe to just be where I am, my old blueprint.

I do not think that all I have done fore the last 5 years are wasted, I just think that MMKMA is my next step. And now I am ready to show the world.

I think that this movie about «The Chinese Bamboo plant» can show  what I think.

My golden nugget this week was to find my 2 most important Personal Pivoiting Needs,  PPN’s

There are seven in total:


Helping Others
True Health
Spiritual Growth
Recognition for Creative Expression

Our PPN’s are equally important for our happiness as the air we breath is to our body, we call them «oxygen for the soul».
To find mine 2 most important I followed instructions from Mark J. I wrote all 7 with my left hand, closed my eyes, and when I opened my eyes I chose two. This was really emotional for me, Tears ran down my cheeks. I felt a deep understanding.

My 2 PPN’s are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

Love from Nina

week 1- new habits

I have started a new journey and are both hopeful and fearful .

Late Sunday night I attended the first webinar in the MKMMA. Afterwards I was overwhelmed and thought what have I let myself in to now ?
Monday morning I woke up early, I read and read, trying to figure out what I should do, what are the tasks and expectations of me. There was so much information and many words and expressions I did not fully understand at once. Blueprint, DMP. I became aware of the thoughts I had, what happened to me. “This is too much information, I have more than enough to do at work and in my life, How do I achieve this as well?”.Remember everything is in English, I will spend much time trying to understand it all. “I felt the uneasiness in my stomach, shoulders hoisted up towards the ears,neck that hardens, breathing went shallow and my heart beat faster. ”

The fear of not understanding, of not being able to deliver
I understand that this is my old blueprint  that try to protect me, keep me where I am.

ok Nina, what do you do now? Take control, make a plan and just do what needs to be done, one thing at a time.

My days now starts with this words : Today I begin a new life….

and you can listen to the words here 


Or read the text yourself here

I have completed all the tasks, I have read The scroll market one, from “The greatest salesman in the world” Mandino, I delivered my first edition of DMP (Definiteness Major purpos )

and now I blog.

I have decided to implement and to learn along the way.

I am happy

Love from Nina